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Cuntapay Badminton has a unique vision when it comes to developing the badminton sport and each single individual or team that is involved in the badminton sport. Return on investment is a performance measure used to evaluate the investment we put into the player or team and try to gain from this investment. It is not a business; it is a continuous struggle to help the talented players to reach their ultimate goals. Not everyone has the opportunity to develop their talents, and we want to help those who have the potential to reach their own ultimate level. We are gracious that our sponsors are helping us to reach our goals as an organization. With their donation, we invest back in our future potential performance players and try to reach the top with our guidance and effort. We are pleased that the following sponsors believe in the players, the badminton sport and us.


Tivoli Ag, Worblaufen, Switzerland

RSPT , Rob Stalenhoef  personal training.

Yonex Benelux

BC Zollikofen, Switzerland

Rene Lagerwaard, Fotografie

Michel ten Voorde , Fotografie

Jumping Jack, Club Pelikaan Almere

Yonex Switzerland

Decathlon Heimberg, Switzerland.

Fitness Nederland.




if you want to be a part of our vision and dream and support us in any possible way to succeed our goals. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always glad to give something in return for your effort. Our team of coaches and players will be happy to cooperate and share their experience with you or your company.


Tivoli AG

Badminton Center Tivoli in Worblaufen , Bern Switzerland


Decathlon Switzerland is supporting CBA  since 2018

Yonex Switzerland

World leading brand in Badminton.