Structuring your Club

Each club has his ambitions. A club with high and big goals, and the other humble and more dedicated to the club life. Cuntapay Badminton will help your club to structure your junior training which will overlap with your elite players. So the gap between young and old is minimal. Our training structure and our ability to inspire each individual in your club will lead to a team which can cooperate with each other and most of all , they are able to work with fun and dedication towards the club. 

Service 1

We help your club coaches by inspire the club training content. Tips and Tricks by Cuntapay Badminton

Service 2

We help your coaches during the training, minimal twice a week. We set up a proper junior and elite structure and monitor the development of each individual

Service 3

We help your coaches. Structure the club training content, and we guide your players within competition and tournaments.