D.O.N Talent Development Concept by Donovan Cuntapay



Donovan Cuntapay has developed his own strategy and concept how to develop young potential individual talents. If we define talents, what can we say about it? What do we know and how are we going to approach a talent in order to continuously develop his or her talent.


We first Determine the talent. As soon as we have determined the talent we  individually  Observe him or her within a certain period of time. Within this time of observation we than know in which time period he or she is evolving his or her talent. As soon as we have found out how to guide this talent we Nurture the Talent.


D - Determine Talent

O - Observe Talent

N - Nurture the Talent.


If you are interested how we guide our Junior talented players , Donovan Cuntapay , Owner and Founder of Cuntapay Badminton gives special seminars. 


There are 4 more steps in order to further develop a potential performance player into a Elite Performance Athlete.