Your Goal is our way.

Passion is our Mission

The Cuntapay Badminton Academy was established by Donovan Cuntapay.  He was a former Dutch National Player who conducted his badminton career in the Netherlands. From the age of 12 until his Elite Periode he was a national player.  After his professional career he went into the role as coach which he started it in Almere, Netherlands. After that he went on to be the first official head coach of the first badminton school in Switzerland. He started a junior development project and was offered the position as junior head coach for Switzerland. From 2005 until 2011 he was the National coach of Switzerland. In 2011 he started his own Academy in Bern, Switzerland. Which is now the base of our international junior and elite team. 


His  goal is to set up  training structures and infrastructures for future performance players. With good guidance and structure you can be more effective. Its not only about the quantity of training. Its  about the quality and content of the training that eventually makes the succes for each individual athlete. We are all individuals, each of us needs a different approach when it comes to learning and understanding.


Cuntapay Badminton is a organisation which is now developing within Europe. Our base is in Switzerland, but our project has also started in the Netherlands. 


Our goal is to guide, help and inspire individual junior and elite  athletes, clubs, associations  within the sport to achieve their goals. We inspire our athletes, customers to get in love with this amazing sport and how to be succes full on each level of the game.


CBA all the way!