Trainer Staff Netherlands

Our team in the Netherlands is divided in several regions.  Our concept within Holland is wel visisted by both national and regional players. Our coaches are traveling to our Athletes , by taking this step we try to distress the players from traveling and parents as well.

Time efficiency and quality is what we are seeking for to achieve.  Along with our determined coaches to reach a better and higher level for our players our team is also well known for their achievements as coaches in the past.


Donovan Cuntapay

Head Coach

Former National Head Coach Switzerland. Elite and Junior.

Junior development project manager for Switzerland.


Head coach and owner of Cuntapay Badminton International.

Eric Pang


Coach Elite Almere

Former Junior Coach Dutch National Team.

Former top 20 Player in mens Singles of the World


Rune Massing


Coach Amersfoort.

Former Technical Director Dutch National Team.

Head Coach Team Netherlands.


Robbie Kneefel


Coach Den Haag


Eline Coene


Coach Arnhem

Former National Coach 

Netherlands, Technical Director


Arie Hof


Coach Borne, 

Highest Leaque Coach Netherlands.

Junior Assistant Coach Netherlands

SL4 Graduate.